Empowering Filipino researchers to achieve international recognition through high-quality publications. PAIR is a scientific and professional organization representing over 157 higher education institutions in the Philippines. We are dedicated to advancing quality multidisciplinary, Institutional, and Agricutural Economics research through.



  • JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research

    Open-access, peer-reviewed journals bridge disciplinary divides by publishing impactful research. Rigorous review ensures quality, while free dissemination accelerates progress for researchers and the public. These platforms empower evidence-based practices and inform a wider audience.

  • JPAIR Institutional Research

    Dedicated to publishing practical research conducted by institutional practitioners. These studies, focusing on students, faculty, financial/economic aspects, technical operations, and overall institutional analysis, aim to directly inform and support decision-making by key stakeholders. By providing valuable insights and data-driven recommendations, JPAIR Institutional Research empowers institutions to optimize their operations, enhance student experience, and achieve their strategic goals.

  • International Journal on Graft and Corruption

    The International Journal on Graft and Corruption aims to publish multidisciplinary research in the wide spectrum of disciplines. These are original manuscripts applied research, policy research, notes and scientific review articles.

  • Philippine Journal of Agricultural Economics

    To advance knowledge and facilitate international exchange in the field of agricultural economics by publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed research. The journal focuses on critical issues facing the Philippine food and agriculture sector, welcoming scholarly work on farm management and production economics, agricultural marketing, policy and development, food and nutrition economics, and environmental and natural resource economics. By fostering a platform for rigorous research across these diverse yet interconnected themes, the PJA serves as a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders seeking to improve the sustainability and prosperity of the agricultural sector.